Under the creative direction of Jon Rafman, the Mill NY creative technology team was tasked with the making of video content for Balenciaga’s Spring Summer 2019 show. The canvas for this show was a display-covered tunnel with a rectangular layout (that truly had the feel of a large hardon collider). Even by mirroring sections, we were faced with very large resolution of roughly 13K x 4K pixels. To meet the show deadline, we rendered real-time content directly from TouchDesigner and UE4. A traditional VFX pipeline would have otherwise monopolized all of Mill’s rendering farms.


The different scenes/shots were split between many TouchDesigner, Houdini and After Effect artists. Beyond helping with overall technical direction, I worked on VR previz, tubular raytracing techniques, volumetric cloud rendering utilizing worley noise, and GPU particle effects. Full credits to my amazing co-workers: Jimmy Gass, Will Arnold, Micheal Dunkley, Nick Couret-Chailloux, Wyatt Savarese, Ezra Miller, Mikhael Villegas, Katie Kolombatovich.


Role: Technical artist